About Us


The Cafeteria Plan Company, LLC (CPC) is a family–owned and operated small business with the highest commitment to follow the letter of the law and to meet our clients’ needs.  We have the ability to change our business model to satisfy the clients’ operational needs when appropriate.  This flexibility allows for plan administration that meets each clients’ individual needs rather than forcing the use of a rigid and impersonal process.

Our second highlight relates to our communal commitment to make our state a better place to live and work.  CPC employees are encouraged to be volunteers for non-profit organizations.  One organization in particular is the NM Family Business Alliance that serves family-owned businesses throughout New Mexico. In addition to making monetary contributions to non-profit organizations they are also given reduced rates for our services.

Until May 2011 CPC was a D/B/A division of Retirement Strategies, LLC (RS), a third-party administration (TPA) firm providing administration services for retirement plans. Last spring the retirement plan portion of the firm’s book of business was acquired by Pension Planning Consultants, another local TPA firm in order for the president, Linda Parker, to slow down.  Daughter-in-law Krista Koss Parker has assumed the leadership role of the now stand-alone firm with Linda serving as a consultant to the firm when needed.  Krista was an original employee of RS when it was established in 1999.  The establishment occurred by merging three administration practices of two accounting firms and Modrall Sperling Law Firm.  RS grew to several hundred clients with a staff of 10.  Two of the three original owners, Pulakos & Alongi, Ltd. and Atkinson & Company were bought out by Linda Parker in 2006.  The two accounting firms continue to refer clients and use our services.  As part of the firm’s reorganization last spring we implemented a paperless operation as much as possible according to our clients’ preferences and our commitment to the environment.

Our last highlight revolves around educational services that keep our clients apprised of changes in laws or pending legislation that impact the operation of their benefit plans.  The services include “lunch and learn” situations at no charge held locally and regionally.  Linda Parker is a director for a non-partisan advocacy entity based in Washington, D.C.  Through her leadership role in the Small Business Council of America our clients receive legislative updates on the most current congressional happenings.  It was through this organization that Linda helped draft legislation in 2005 for a Simple Cafeteria Plan and was later invited to testify before a congressional committee.  The Simple Cafeteria Plan was eventually incorporated into the recent Health Care Reform Act.

Employers and their employees are invited to contact our staff directly by phone without the frustration of plowing through various levels of voice mail.  Other options of immediate communication are also encouraged.  Reponses to employers and participants are within one business day if not answered immediately. 

Our client base is widely diversified through various industrial sectors ranging from state universities, small businesses,  not for profits,  professional firms, banking, manufacturing, medical providers, and other businesses.

Our staff’s technical knowledge, its focus on service, and our market sensitive fees make the Cafeteria Plan Company the best choice for your new benefit provider.